Historypin is a website that connects with small communities, organizations and cultural institutions, such as museum, libraries and archives, to collect and curate stories that bring people together. They created this platform so people can share their experiences and connect with one another, as well as get them involved in learning local history.

How to Get Started

Clicking the “Getting Started” tab will bring you to the page where it has a collection of videos that you can use as a “how to” guide to start or re-pin a collection. After watching the videos, you go back to the home page and create a login. After you finished creating a login, you can click on the button in the right hand corner that says ” Start Collection”. This could be on any topic that you chose.

How to video on uploading photos, videos, sounds, and text

You Started a Collection; Now What ?

After starting a collection on the topic of your choice, you can either create a pin from an existing pin or create a new pin. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be creating my own. First, click ” add pin” and it will give you the option to upload a photo, video or sound, or text. You can either drop the file or add a file from your computer. After uploading a picture, for example, it asks for you to add a “title” and “description”. Then, you type in the year the item was created. Next, they ask you “How Your Pin Can be Used?”. This gives you the option of what “license” you want to chose. It lets people know if and how they can use your material. Then write in keywords you would like your pin to be associated with. Then click save to create a pin to the collection of your choice, then you are all set!

Where you upload files and create a title and brief description of your pin.
This is where you choose how you want your pin to be used by others.
You write the year and location where your item for your pin was created.
You create keywords on what you want your pin to be associated with. Then you click save to create your pin.

How to Create a Tour

Click on “Add a Tour” on the right hand side of the page. Then it will ask you to create a title and description for the tour. You will have to write a long description about the topic as well as add a location. Then click on “finish and view” and you are all set to start your tour!

Create a title and briefly describe your tour.
Then write a long description describing your project and add a location.
Then click “Save” and then “Finish and View”. You are all set.

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