Final Project: African American History Digital Resources

Hi everyone!

For my final project I wanted to create something that people could use and benefit from, while also taking advantage of my love for knowledge. Thus, a blog was born. I used Word Press to create a blog for educators looking for resources related to African American History. Each of the six blog posts focus on a different online resource, ranging from websites specifically tailored to educators all the way to huge online archives. The actual writing was easy, but fighting with Word Press took up the majority of my brain power. After figuring out how to format everything and fighting with color schemes, I finally settled on something that I was happy with and was able to focus on the actual content.

I had a lot of fun reading online forums and other blogs by teachers discussing these types of resources and some of the challenges they faced. If I had to start over from the beginning, I would reach out to some of my teacher friends and ask for their opinion about online resources for African American History. I am not an educator, and trying to think of some of the challenges teachers may face was probably one of the most frustrating parts. It would have definitely helped to have other opinions.

I look forward to continuing this project and I hope that over time I can reach out to teachers and students and see what sources they have used and if there are any they have struggled with or don’t recommend.

Final Project

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