*Interpretive* Final Project

For my final project, I created a business plan project proposal for the start of the program as well as a 2 scene example of annotations. Since I could not create a video to show as an example of the final product due to copyright infringement, I decided to create it on a Google Doc with the annotations as comments to the side and the sources as footnotes. If you have not seen it, here is what the sample product would look like:

I found this research to be rather difficult for the annotations due to the high volume of Janne Austen blogs on the Regency Era and new threads about Bridgerton. That is pretty much all that comes up if you search. “Regency Era.” It took a lot of work to find historical books and literature on the subject and even harder to access it because none of the book in our library have Regency books digitized. That is why this program is so important though. So many people trust the blogs or discussion threads that they read about this history that has no scholarly work to back its facts and work. Being able to provide not only professional history annotations to the shows, but also to include further reading lists will give the audience a wya to find reputable sources to continue their own research.

Overall, I really enjoyed this project and the class. This project was challenging for me because I have never studied Regency history or digital history. I loved being able to combine the two and am so excited for future work on this project and perhaps even getting it started as an actual project for people to be able to use!

Thanks for a great class y’all!

-McKenna Crews

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  1. McKenna – If I were a millionaire, I would fund this project in a heart beat. The work is so thorough, and annotations for period dramas would be such a fantastic way to watch these.

    Were there any points in your project that you had to change the project because of the scope? And what was your favorite part of creating these annotations?

    I think you really have something here. You should really share these with the world. The period drama community would certainly be better for it!

  2. Hey McKenna, like I said during the poster presentation this project is amazing. I definitely would love to see this come to life. As you pointed out, there aren’t readily accessible sources about the “Regency Era” so these annotations would be great for period pieces like this or Jane Austen films.

  3. McKenna – I really super like the premise of this project (and have since you were talking about something along these lines last semester in MJ’s class)! I’m impressed by your diligence in the research process, I can’t imagine trying to weed through all of the fictional stuff to find solid historical work to base your annotations on. This project has so much potential – I really hope you continue working on it!

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