Introducing: Austin Bailey

Hi everyone!

My name is Austin Bailey and I am a second year MA student in the public history program here at American University. I am originally from southern Ohio, however to help people understand what that means I usually just say I am from Kentucky and West Virginia as well. I have much more in common with someone from Lexington than someone from Cleveland. I completed my undergrad at Marshall University in Huntington West Virginia with a BA in history and a minor in anthropology. I finished my degree in May and by June 1st I was packed up and moving to D.C!

For this class, I hope to better understand how to use technology to connect with the public outside of traditional methods. Full transparency, when it comes to museum work, nothing can replicate the feeling of walking into a building and knowing you are sharing a space with authentic artifacts and actual pieces of the past. But I hope to get a greater appreciation for what the digital world can do to help bridge the gap between those who can enter the space and those who can only visit virtually.

Outside of my professional bubble I do try and be social, I play dungeon and dragons with members of my cohort when we can all find the time. I also enjoy snowboarding when we aren’t in the midst of the hottest winter I can remember and I have become a local D.C tour guide when friends and family come to visit. I am looking forward to getting to know all the new faces in this class and if you have any questions I am an open book!

I insist on using a film camera when friends come to visit.

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