Digital Project Draft: Austin Bailey

Linked below is the first draft of my walking route across DC. As you can see the route crosses through all 8 wards of the city hitting historic locations both big and small. As it stands now the route is around 15 miles long and will take approximately 5 hours (with no breaks) to complete. There are 25 stops on the tour and it explores a wide range of historical subjects. One can learn about local history, African American history, LGBQT, political, Jewish, sports, and architectural history here in the capital. For next steps on this project I will completing the walk on April 18th and documenting the journey on TikTok. I would also like to write a short piece about the lessons we can learn from the representation of history across the different parts of the city.

The only distinct change I have made from my proposal is the change of hosting platforms. While the route still exists in Google’s MyMaps the software was problematic as the number of stops increased. The Clio web app works to accomplish the same goals, but its pre-built tour feature gives not only an audio option, but also allows for printable step by step instructions. This makes the route more accessible and allows it to find a wider audience.

The Tour

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  1. Austin, this all sounds so great! Great find on the Clio app. It looks like a great way to publish a tour and the whole tour looks really good in the platform.

    I’m very much looking forward to the videos from your tour! My only suggestion/comment on our route is that it would be great if you had at least two stops on the other side of the river. Based on your route, I think you may be boing very close to the Big Chair ( ). So you could consider adding that in.

    Otherwise, everything on this is looking great. Very much looking forward to seeing how this goes for you.

  2. This all looks so cool so far! The amount of info as well as the accessibility functions on Clio definitely seem incredibly helpful, I’m glad you found something that works well for your project! The range of topics being covered is really great, and I think going through all of them in a tour that is structured around the walkability of the route rather than specific topic or something like that is in itself really interesting to explore. On the one hand, specific historical topics are necessary and important to put attention towards, but also touring all these different histories at once is in itself a reminder of how all these different histories intersect and coexist with one another.

    I’m excited to see what this looks like in the end, and I hope the weather treats you well on the 18th! Best of luck!

  3. This is really cool, I am glad you were able to include so many different places throughout the city, it will really make for a complete project. For such a long undertaking it is very interesting to see what you found worthy of inclusion and what you did not, and I am sure you had to struggle with balancing the desire for the coolest history places with the need to keep the path realistic. Great job!

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