Dighist.org is the blog for a series of courses in digital curation and digital history. Currently, it hosts a course on digital preservation. It has previously hosted courses on digital art curation, digital preservation, digital history, and digital public history.

Digital Preservation

INST 784,Thursdays 6:00pm – 8:45pm , Fall 2018

Instructor: Dr. Trevor Owens, trevor.johnowens@gmail.com, @tjowens, trevorowens.org

Course Description

This course focuses on issues and practices regarding digitization of analog materials and preservation of digital materials, both digitized and born digital.

Course Goals

This course will acquaint students with best practices in digital preservation. Students will  explore current questions and issues that archivists and digital curators are currently confronting,  and provide students with an opportunity to embark upon digital preservation planning and policy development with relevant organizations.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Identify and assess standards for digital preservation
  • Assess and understand digital preservation policies and organizational structures to determine readiness for digital preservation projects
  • Evaluate digital preservation strategies, methods, and tools and decide what may be appropriate for particular content types and user communities
  • Locate resources for keeping up with rapid developments, standards, and tools for digital preservation
  • Communicate with a variety of stakeholders about technical, social and policy issues related to digital preservation

The Public Course Blog for the Course that Never Ends

This course, and this site, previously served the home of seven earlier incarnations of related courses. Previous instances of related courses are still present here, as well as all the body of work and writing that students in those versions of the course engaged in. For more information on the structure and design of the course see The Public Course Blog: The Required Reading We Write Ourselves for the Course That Never Ends in Debates in the Digital Humanities (2012).

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  1. I work with Preservation Maryland, the statewide historic preservation group, and I would love to learn more about offering some up some of our real-world digital history projects and possibilities to students in this course.

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