The Bay of Pigs– Print Proposal

On April 17, 1961, Cuban exiles landed on the beachead of the Bay of Pigs in an attempt to invade Cuba and overthrow Fidel Castro and his government. The mission was an American failure and forever changed the relationship between Cuba and the United States. Many exiled Cubans living in Miami, Florida, were isolated by US policy as restrictions for visiting the country were put in place.

Recently, however, these restrictions have been lifted and the United States has even allowed direct flights to Cuba. What I would like to research through a variety of websites, is how people react to the vast changes in Cuba on the allowed visits through tour groups. Since the Obama administration took office, traveling to Cuba is getting easier every day. I want to find out what places one is allowed to visit , what tours are being offered and if there are still any restrictions on Americans in certain parts of the country. Also, have attitiudes of Americans changed regarding Cubans or Cuba and how have these restrictions changed with each presidential administration. I want to find out why during Bush 43, for example, why were the restrictions tightened up?

Finally, I want to, through different websites, including Flicker and trip advisor get the images that people have captured. I also want to determine if I were to go for a visit, what part of Cuba I would most like to see and what is suggested as the best visting sites.