Introduction Post Melody

Hey everyone! My name is Melody Mansourkia, and I am a Junior (Transfer Student) in the JLC undergrad program with a concentration in terrorism and security. I was born in San Francisco, California but raised in Arlington, VA. Honestly, I’m really hoping that I am not the only undergraduate student in this class since most of the posts thus far have been from grad students (fingers crossed lol)

Let’s see, I’m a Metallica and Megadeth Super Fan anyone else here a big fan or is it just me? I’m also 23 years old (just turned 2 weeks ago and celebrated in Vegas because where else?) and my post-grad plans are definitely to either continuing working for DoD and (hopefully), not as an intern like I am currently but to be employed full time as a counterterrorism analyst. Also, yes the DoD is not furloughed and isn’t affected by this never-ending shutdown. The long term plan, however, is to apply and attend Law School on the West Coast (fingers crossed) if all goes well because to be brutally honest I’m super sick of D.C. weather and in desperate need of a change of environment (no offense to AU or any of my friends and family living here) lol

What am I hoping to get out of this course? Well, it seems rather interesting to see how Modern Media ties in with History, so I am definitely curious to know more about what that entails and how this course pans out over the next few months. I am also interested in learning more about how to properly write a blog post, and to perfect it accordingly.

Hope everyone had a great break, and isn’t too sick of this snow because I sure am. Is it too soon to ask for some sunshine and 60 degree weather?