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Reflections on “Maroons of North America Viewshare”

If you ever were interested in slave resistance in North America then check out the Maroons of North America Viewshare! Here you can find information about the location, history, size and more of maroon communities in what once constituted the … Continue reading

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1066 Game: A Less Then Perfect Mixture of Fun and History

What should a educational game about history seek to accomplish? The obvious answer is to be fun for its intended audience and teach them about history in an engaging way. 1066 makes a valiant effort in both areas, but falls short … Continue reading

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Project Draft: Maroons of North America The Maroons of North America Viewshare draft is up and running. This project helps to reveal an often forgotten part of American history, maroonage. Maroon communities were villages, camps, towns, or wandering bands of escaped slaves that lived both on … Continue reading

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A True Social Science: Review of “Quantitative Analysis of Culture Using Millions of Digitized Books”

Imagine being able to examine how certain aspects of culture have changed over two hundred years. This is what Michel, et. al. argue is not only possible, but can be done in just a few seconds. The methodology employed by … Continue reading

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“Show and Tell” Post: Hidden Agenda, A Game With A Clear Agenda

Alright, so before I launch into what Hidden Agenda is, I will let you know how to get the game. Since publishers no longer carry this game it is free. You can download it at this website along with some … Continue reading

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Digital Project Proposal

The topic of North American maroonage is one that is rarely studied or discussed. Maroonage, or marronage, is the act of a slave fleeing, generally to an area uneasily accessible, such as a swamp or mountains. Maroonage is often divided … Continue reading

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Wikipedia, Neutral Point of View, and the American Revolution

In addition to being a topic that fascinates historians, the American Revolution has captured the interests and attention of countless Americans outside the history profession. For many Americans the Revolution has become a highly romanticized time period. Great men like … Continue reading

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Ideas for project

Here are some of my ideas for a project: 1. Using google maps and a program to make interactive timelines, I will create a map that highlights major events during the American Revolution in one color, and then in a … Continue reading

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