Digital Preservation Policy: Web Archiving for the Washingtoniana Collection

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Pottermore – the Archival Information Package

I was able to put my Preservation Plan into action by uploading a Pottermore Collection to the Internet Archive in addition to saving the collection on my laptop. Here’s a brief recap of my Preservation Plan: Capture this YouTube video that announced the launch of Pottermore in 2011, saved by the youtube-dl downloader. Archive the Pottermore […]

Gone in 6 Seconds: “Transforming” Preservation Intent Statement

The preservation plan for Rob and Nick Carter’s “Transforming,” a series of 4 digital paintings created as an homage to centuries old artworks (detailed here) is, much like the works themselves, more complicated than at first glance. While I had some concern about legal protections written into these works,  according to an email with Rob […]

Project Reflection: stereomap

Instead of boring you with every inane detail of my project, this post will weave a narrative of the most important trials, tribulations, and things I learned from constructing my project: stereomap, a site devoted to geocoding animated stereographs. Trial 1: Overcoming a Dead End Many (or should I say the few?) of you who read this […]

History Unmade: Physical Space Reimagined in Washington D.C.

Historians place emphasis on revealing a part of the past by showing not only what was, but also what could have been. In particular, many focus on how different groups had agency in their situations and the possibility to shape outcomes very different than what actually occurred. What if we bring this notion of agency […]

Project Idea Brainstorming

1) For the past two semesters I’ve been working with patient file records from a nineteenth century asylum in Washington D.C. One of my main ideas for a project would be to digitize the patient files and photos, as well as other records from the asylum, and create an online exhibit of the daily lives/experiences […]

Bridget Sullivan Project Ideas

1. Create a digital exhibit surrounding the expansion of the slave trade in Newport, RI prior to the American Revolution. This exhibit would reflect the recent scholarship concerning the state of slavery in the Northern states. 2. Compile a digital archive of documents concerning brothers John and Moses Brown. These men were civic and political […]

Corey’s Project Ideas

I am currently interning with the Smithsonian Gardens and we are looking for a way to virtually map out various community gardens around the nation. It would be great to model this off a similar open source program (perhaps Ushahidi?), creating an interactive map where the public could share stories of how community gardens preserve […]

Another Digital Project – History of Children

Our class might be over, but I’ve really enjoyed the possibilities of creating digital projects to aid researchers in history. Recently, I’ve been trying to do some research that deals with the history of children and childhood. Unfortunately, I’ve found it difficult to find very many sources on this subject, but those that I have […]