2019 Digital History Methods Projects

This is the landing page for Spring 2019 links to student projects for Digital History Methods.

Full Project Drafts

Digital Project Proposals

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  1. The Changing Language of Reproductive Justice – Maren
  2. Virtual Landscapes: Exploring America Through Video Games – Melyssa
  3. Ireland’s Reaction to the Age of Revolution – Kaylee
  4. Digital Voices App – AJ
  5. Virtual Tours – Emily
  6. How do people rate history? – Ike
  7. The Evolution of Jazz Terminology – Olivia
  8. A Macroanalysis of FRUS: Topic Modeling Middle Eastern Policy
  9. Black Lives Matter and the Rise of Social Media Activism – Sierra
  10. Shifting subjects in popular mystery fiction – Katherine
  11. The Rise of Podcasts – Sasha
  12. Learning from USHMM’s Latest Citizen History Initiative – Sara
  13. Can Everyone Be A Cartographer? – Katie
  14. Crowd-Sourcing Jasenovac: Wikipedia as Memory and the Production of the Past – Alex
  15. Social Media and Its Role in Holocaust Remembrance – Laura
  16. Mapping Queer D.C.
  17.  ‘Overlooked’ by the New York Times meets Wikipedia
  18. Virtual Reality as Exhibition—Historium Bruges and Digital Experience