2021 Projects

Full Projects

Digital Projects

  1. StreetHistory TikToks – Shae Corey
  2. 1970-1989 Dating & Relationship Timeline – Claire Ball
  3. Minority Women Airforce Service Pilots Timeline – Claudia Vinci
  4. Mapping Federal Indian Boarding Schools – Ellie McMillan
  5. Guastavino Tiles in Washington DC Map – Rosie Cain


  1. #Twitterstorians – Amanda Gallagher
  2. Indigenous Peoples’ Representation in Civilization VI – Shaan Budhwani
  3. History on YouTube: Mengshu Ye
  4. Digital Folklore on TikTok: Sajel Swartz
  5. Made By History: The “Usable” Past, Op-eds, & Public Perceptions of History – Rebecca Kaliff

Research Paper Proposals

  1. The Evolution of “States’ Rights” in 19th Century America Raphael Governali
  2. HistoryTube: The YouTube Trend of History Through Reenactment Mengshu Ye
  3. Folklore and the Fear Factor: The Evolution of Legends in the Era of Reddit Sajel Swartz
  4. Cookbooks and Cuisine in the United States Mia Owens
  5. Huzzah: Diction, Language, and Legacy in ‘”The Great” Josh Reynolds
  6. The “Usable” Past: Historians, Op-eds & Public Perceptions of History Rebecca Kaliff
  7. #TikTokStorians? Is TikTok the New Platform for Historians and Historic Content? Rosie Cain
  8. Cultural (Mis)representation of Indian Culture in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Claudia Vinci
  9. #historyontwitter – Amanda Gallagher
  10. Commercializing the American West: Tombstone versus Montezuma Castle in Online Reviews Ellie McMillan
  11. Imperialism for Fun? Shaan Budhwani
  12. Podcasts: The New Textbooks – Claire Ball
  13. A Hidden Empire: Using Google Ngram to Track American Descriptions of United States Imperialism – Emily Lefeber
  14. Forrest Gump, You’re A Fraud – Shae Corey
  15. A Life on Our Planet: Print Proposal. – Ricardo Sanchez Yarza

Digital Project Proposals

  1. Mapping the Ancient Roman Empire: Digital Proposal – Ricardo Sanchez Yarza
  2. Mapping the Works Progress Administration in New York – Raphael Governali
  3. Segregated Swimming Pools, the Privatization of Recreation, Leisure, & Sport and its Legacy – Rebecca Kaliff
  4. Mapping Slavery in D.C.: A Digital Project Proposal – Mia Owens
  5. Beyond the Oregon Trail: Industry and History Working Together – Sajel Swartz
  6. Asian American Voting History – Mengshu Ye
  7. A Growing Obsession: A History of Houseplants and Colonialism – Emily Lefeber
  8. Minority Servicewomen in the Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII: An Interactive Timeline Proposal – Claudia Vinci
  9. Tracing Immigrant Communities’ History – Shaan Ali Budhwani
  10. Historical Crossroads: Heritage, Memory, and Legacy through Mapping 21st Century Confederate Monuments – Joshua Reynolds
  11. Guastavino Tiles in Washington, DC – Rosie Cain
  12. Mapping American Indian Federal Boarding Schools – Ellie McMillan
  13. What, or more importantly who, is beneath us? – Amanda Gallagher
  14. Ear-Splitting Silence: Oral History as Social Justice – Shae Corey
  15. Navigating the Dos and Don’ts of Dating: A 1970-1989 Timeline