2018 – Digital History Methods – Projects – AMU

Project Reflections

  1. A River of Parties Lukacs Digital Project
  2. Absentee (Founding) Fathers – Herlihy Final Paper
  3. Tracking Antisemitism-Reflection Micaela – Digital Project
  4. Mapping Movement: Japanese-Americans and World War II/Internment Harris
  5. Mapping Art on Call –Seaver
  6. The Fallout 4 Boston Tour: Toy
  7. Fight for Identity Eastwood
  8. American Revolution Floridian Road Trip- Tejada
  9. Making a Curated Historical Playlist – Mann
  10. Fireside Nation Reflection– Zampetti
  11. American University Project Plaque – Morgan
  12. Mapping American Cold War Nuclear Sites – Pesta
  13. Call of Duty War Narratives – Pennanen
  14. Same-Sex Attraction Throughout History Exhibit – Krumeich
  15. Where is Dorsey Foultz? Adler
  16. Beyond the Generals Tour– Hopkins
  17. Commemoration at Gettysburg National Military Park Tour– Varatarich

Project Proposals :

  1. Cold War Apocalypticism in the Fallout series –  MICHAEL TOY
  2. The Horrors of War in Video Games – CHRISTIAN-PENNANEN
  3. The Great War and Slippery Rock –  KCLUKACS
  4. Analysis of Presidential State Dinners and their Impact on Foreign Policy – MKMANN
  5. Wikipedia and Community –  ABIGAILSEAVER
  6. American Memory and Identity –  KRISTIN HERLIHY
  7. History of the Language of Queerness – CHLOE-EASTWOOD
  8. History on Reddit –  BLAKE-HARRIS
  9. Tracking Anti-semitism in Cyber Spaces –  MICAELA-E1942
  10. Analyzing WPA Slave Narratives through Macroanalysis –  KAMORGAN
  11. The Representation in Digital History of LGBTQ+ Movements –  KATIE KRUMEICH
  12. Speeches by Soviet Leaders: A Linguistic Analysis – ALLISON_PESTA
  13. The Founders in Modern Politics –  CRISTINA-TEJADA
  14. Spectacle in the Digital Age –  SAADLER
  15. What was Jefferson Thinking? –  KYLE VRATARICH
  16. The State of the State of the Union –  CALLIE-HOPKINS
  17. Database Makes Theory  –  JOSH-ZAMPETTI

Digital Project Proposals:  

  1. Digital Project Proposal: Japanese-Americans during World War II
  2. The Defenses of D.C.
  3. Mapping the Apocalypse: Michael Toy’s Digital Project Proposal
  4. Love By Continent — Katie Krumeich’s Digital Project Proposal
  5. Digital History Project Proposal: Mapping Middle Eastern Conflict- Lina Mann
  6. Digital Project Proposal — Publicity Campaign
  7. “Art on Call” (Abigail Seaver)
  8. Digital Project Proposal – Mapping US Nuclear Cities
  9. Digital Project Proposal – A Tweet a Week Keeps the…History Doctor Away?
  10. Digital Project Proposal, Kevin Lukacs
  11. Digital Project-Tracking Antisemitism Blog (Micaela Procopio)
  12. Digital Proposal: American Revolution Florida Roadtrip
  13. Digital Project Proposal- The Historian’s Tour of Gettysburg
  14. Digital Project Proposal: “Where Is Dorsey Foultz?”
  15. Digital Proposal: Alternative Monuments Tour
  16. Digital Project Proposal: Streamlining Crowdsourced Oral Histories
  17. Digital Project Proposal: Historic Plaques of American University