2015 – Digital Public History – Projects – UMD

Below are links to each of the proposed digital public history projects and research papers. As the projects come online and reflections on the projects are posted this page will be updated with links.

Digital Project Proposals

  1. April is the Cruellest Month: Ending the Civil War in 1865 Written by Andrew Neal Barker
  2. Building a Catalog with Omeka and The William O. Lee Jr. Collection Written by MarianCurrens
  3. History Unmade: Physical Space Reimagined in Washington D.C. Written by joecarrano
  4. A Tale of Two Cities (Or Maybe Just One, and a Small Part of It At That), Or… PhilaPlace the Thames River Written by sharry
  5. Life on the Line: A Historypin Tour of Little Rock’s West Ninth Street Written by McVey
  6. The Archive of Immigrant Voices (Digital Project Proposal) Written by CaitlinHaynes
  7. Vicky Rex Written by E.Bloom
  8. Middlesex County Oral History Project (Digital Proposal) Written by jmears

Research Paper Proposals

  1. Reviewing Ripped Apart: A Civil War Mystery by Andrew Neal Barker
  2. Obsessive Nostalgia and the World Market: a project proposal by C.E.Bloom
  3. Crowdsourcing Culture and Implications for Professional Labor by Julie.McVey
  4. Text analysis of the Diary of Jacob Engelbrecht by MarianCurrens
  5. Memory and Materiality: An Examination of Dear Photograph by joecarrano
  6. What TripAdvisor Says About America by jmears
  7. Local History Education and Digital Media in Historical Societies  by CaitlinHaynes
  8. Text Analysis of Earl Shaffer’s Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike Journals by sharry




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