2011 – Digital History – Projects – AMU

This page lists student projects from the course. I have linked to the content that students decided to share related to their projects. In some cases students blogged their project proposals, project reflections, and posted their papers or digital projects online.

Student Papers

History and the Web:

From Pioneers to Pranksters to Proclaimed Protectors: Hackers by jy7149a (proposal) (reflections)

Congress and the Internet First Draft by The DC Scotsman2 (first draft)

Museums, Memorials, Memory and the Web:

The Online Memorial, Moving Beyond the Marble: A “Living” Interface and Born Digital Cenotaph by tracie_peterson (proposal) (paper)

The Freer Gallery of Art: Adapting the Museum to the Virtual Space by Jordan Hillman (proposal) (reflection)

Reading  Video Games:

The Persistence of the Wasteland by PeterB (proposal) (reflection)

Look Away, Video Land: Is historical accuracy more important than playing another action Game? by Dino (proposal)

Medal of Honor: Frontline and Saving Private Ryan – An  Exploration in to Cinematic Perspective by Robert

Europa Universalis 3 and the Real Age of Exploration by Richter

Web Projects

Blogs and Community Resources

Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee by C. Wolf (reflection) (live site)

Pixellatedculture by Brittany Leigh Davis (proposal) (reflection) (live site)

Roundabout Kentucky by SAMikell (reflection) (live site)

HistoryComps.com by Dennis Beesley (proposal) (reflection) (live site)

Supreme Court Podcast by Jared Ferenczy (proposal)(reflections) (live site)

Digital Photography; A Perspective by Mark Natale (proposal) (live site)

Digital Collections

SHOUTATYOURTV. by tkenning (proposal) (live site)

Midwifery In Colonial America by Bonnie Clark (proposal) (reflection) (live site)

Omeka and the Historical Society of the DC Circuit Court by kelseyfritz (reflection) (live site)

Mapping WIMS by mewest24 (proposal) (reflection) (live site)

Barbary Wars Website! by Jason Zeledon (proposal) (reflection) (live site)

Project Gemini Portal by Ethan Klapper (proposal) (reflections) (live site)








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