Collaborative Effort/I Need Help

Hi Everyone,

So I have some issues with WordPress, and I thought I’d mine the collective brilliance of the class to solve said issues.

1. If you want to use wordpress as a website and not a blog, how do you move all of the fun widget/side bar items to a static page? Basically, I want all of those things that are currently on the side of my blog to be on the side of my homepage, which is a static page and not the blog.

2. Is it possible to make header images that a user has uploaded scroll or rotate? I know the preprogrammed images for the twentyeleven theme can be set to “random,” but I want a series of my own images to scroll through the top. Is this possible?

Also, as I am not unappreciative of anyone’s effort in providing answers to these issues, I am more than willing to bring in ‘thank you cookies’ for our next class. Just don’t tell the lab workers…

Thank you!!